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Winning Software Graphic Design

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IconPixel produces high quality graphics and icons for software companies. Our winning designs put your software ahead of your competition.

Suits And Office Buildings Are Replaced By Icons and Graphics!

While in the past customers were impressed by staff wearing nice suits in an impressive office building, it is all about the look-and-feel of your software and your website in the age of e-business. Make sure it looks good, since potential customers usually link the quality of your visuals with the quality of your products and services.

Luckily nice icons and graphics are much more affordable than nice suits and office buildings!

Nice Looking Software Sells Better

Successful software goes hand in hand with nice icons, a good product name, an easy to recognize logo, and cool embedded graphics to spice up the application.

Professional graphics will help to increase your sales since potential customers usually see screen shots of your application before they buy it. A nice looking application will convince them much more about the quality of your application.

Additionally, research has shown that users are much more patient with nice looking software. Nice looking things work better! Because of this, existing users will recommend your software much more to others.

Our Philosophy

The creative team at IconPixel blends inspiration, design skill and software expertise to create icons, logos, and software graphics, which perfectly reflect your products image.

Our goal is to help you increase your profit with world-leading graphics. We are specialized in professional design of icons, logos, and other graphics for software applications.

Our clients range from small start-up companies to some of the largest software houses in the world. We have provided leading edge icon and graphic design to many companies including SunGard and Sony Music.

We have not only a wealth of experience in designing software graphics, but also in communicating, listening, and asking the right questions, which will ensure you receive the graphics that you require.

IconPixel is committed to work on your graphics until you are 100% satisfied. We will also help you to find the right symbols, the correct graphic format, and the right colors.

Contact Us

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch, and let us know about your requirements and goals via email info@iconpixel.com or via any other means.

Are you ready to get started? Get in touch, and let us know about your requirements and goals via email info@iconpixel.com or via any other means.

Selecting the right graphic design partner is an important decision in your long term development strategy. At IconPixel, we are fully committed to providing you with outstanding service. Our vast experience in graphic design and our passion for software will help you to make your software more fun for your users and because of this more successful.